Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942

We're absorbed with Regency around here, between working on costumes and attending dance classes for the upcoming Jane Austen Evening, but I'm starting to get excited about my favorite vintage event of the year - The Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942.

It's an outdoor event down at Fort Macarthur in San Pedro, and they have vehicle displays, live music, and of course, an AIR RAID! It's all very exciting, and they improve the event every year, adding food, better seating, etc. Being February, the weather can be a little iffy, but this year I'm planning to stick it out barring a tsunami. That's what galoshes are for, right?

Ft. Mac Air Raid
Facebook Air Raid page


  1. Cool! Looking forward to it! I hope it doesn't rain. It gets so cold!
    Love your new background!

  2. The heaters last year were a nice touch, I hope they have them again!

    I'm hoping to find time someday to put together some custom graphics for this blog, but I like these patriotic colors right now.

  3. I remember loving the Air Raid events too...but being mighty cold at a couple of 'em! Hoping for heaters for you!

    Looking forward to seeing your gown finished!


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