Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pickwick Vintage Expo

Finally found time for an update! Well not really, since I should be packing for our move...but I need a little break, right?

Last weekend I headed out to the Pickwick Vintage Expo that I posted about previously. Chris decided to skip it, since there isn't usually much menswear at this event. Good call - even our favorite vendors didn't bring menswear - they have it, but it doesn't sell as well so they don't bother bringing it.

I was hoping to find some sewing notions and magazines, but didn't find either. I did get a couple new pieces though!
Deadstock 40's Wedges with a coveted ankle strap - so they don't fall off while dancing!

Navy Swing Coat. I really really really am going to stop collecting coats soon. But I don't have a navy coat, or a swing coat, so how could I pass on it?

Don't worry, I was a good girl and walked away from the 30's silver and green brooch, even if she did knock $100 off the price...


  1. CUTE shoes! Love the swing coat as well!! Good luck with packing for the move. I've recently recovered from moving :-)

  2. great finds! THANK YOU soooo very much for your comment on my blog, which I found really helpful as I plan my dance wardrobe!!

  3. Great shoes! The coat is swell too! ;) Ah, I miss LA and the vintage expos! :)


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