Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting a little Christmas spirit...

Last weekend we headed out to Chris's office party, and I decided to wear the sparkly white lace dress I recently got from Banana Republic (part of their "Mad Men" line, but it's only vaguely 60's...but I liked it, so moving on.) It's pretty but rather plain in solid white, so I decided to make a bow belt to dress it up. I wanted to look like a present, all wrapped up! I think it worked. :)

I used Tilly's Bow Belt Tutorial to make this - the only change I made was to fold the corners of the belt so that the ends were skinnier behind the bow. If I make another one, I'll miter the corners before sewing, because folding them back is a bit too thick. I was planning to make a hair bow at the same time, but the bow was a little to large for my pin-head. Just need to scale it down a little! So I wore a poinsettia in my hair, instead.

Chris wore a 1930's 3-piece suit to the party - he wears a modern suit every day for work, so he wanted to dress up extra so that the party felt special. I was expecting him to be heckled for wearing weird old clothes ;) but I'm not sure anyone even realized it wasn't modern. Classic styles last forever!


  1. Thanks, Kate! I've been struggling with my look a little lately, but I liked how I turned out that night. :)

  2. Lovely, lovely! Happy holidays to you both!

  3. You both look great! The red bow really gives the dress ooomph!


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