Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Maharaja Costume

Since we're talking Majaraja costumes, I thought I'd share one I made for myself a few years ago. (oh, no, I just checked and it was in 2008...that was a long time ago already!!)

The Friday night theme at Camp Hollywood was Maharaja -- Chris wore a tuxedo (inspired by Hal), and I made a "1940's does Arabian Nights" playsuit - you know, like how all the costumes in period movies of the 30's & 40's look more like contemporary fashions with only a slight nod to the past. That's what I was going for.

Again, this is a rayon fabric for good swish. The skirt is a long panel that's gathered with box pleats into the waistband, and I put butterfly sleeves on the top for ease of movement.

These photos are from the Amateur Balboa contest - we got first place that year. It was also probably the best hair day of my entire life, and I like to think that had a little to do with winning. ;)


  1. Wow wow ! Fantastic! :) I want to go dancing so baaad with my darling :)

  2. another stunning outfit, yes and your hair looked gorgeous,

  3. You guys are awesome!!! I think you hair always looks great, maybe particularly great that day!!!

  4. Gorgeous! And how perfectly it spins on you. LOVE that last photo in particular. :)

  5. That's totally great Beth!! Live the print and color of the fabric :)

  6. This costume is fantastic! I can hardly believe that was 2008. Seems like you just made it!

    I agree. Cleaning out the vintage treasures is so hard! I've had some luck selling some things on Etsy but I still have quite a bit left. Good luck!

    Enjoy the summer dancing. :)


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