Thursday, November 15, 2012

IndyGear 2012 - Adventure Day

As promised, here are the photos from last weekend's event - Chris and I tagged along with friends at Ft. MacArthur for the annual IndyGear Adventure Day. I may not be interested in dressing up for Halloween, but I make up for it the rest of the year! 

The day is full of running and digging in fields and tunnels, so I put together a rough and tumble outfit from some modern pieces in my closet, topped off with a $5 hat from downtown LA that I trimmed to look vaguely like a pith helmet. It was a very pithy day!

WWII reenactors made the fort into a British base, and we were tasked with excavating an archeological site in the midst of a warzone. I think we did pretty well, even with tea being on ration!

Photos by Lauren & me - see more of her photos here
Clockwise from Top: 1. WWII Reenactors guarding the base 
2. IndyGear member cataloging artifacts found at the dig 3. Cleaning an artifact
Clockwise from Top Left: 1. Examining a bomb site for archeological treasures.
2. Lauren driving our team to safety 3. A team of Nancy Drews exploring the tunnels (since it's make-believe we ALL get to be Nancy, and no one has to be Bess!) 
4. Dealing with Military Bureaucracy

Clockwise from Top: 1. It'll be less bumpy if you look where you're driving!
2. Tunnel Hunters 3.Santa Catalina in the distance 4. Chris digging for treasure.


  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing - love the hat, you did well. Especially on rationed tea!

    1. Ha, thanks! I'm glad to be back to 2012, when I can have loads of tea (even though it's keeping me up WAY too late tonight!)

  2. Wow! This looks ridiculously awesome!

  3. Fun! I love the pics you took! And the way you layed out the format is awesome.
    It was fun :) We need to do adventure stuff more often.

  4. You looked great! Nice photos!

  5. I seriously just can't believe how amazingly awesome this whole thing looks. Seriously, phenomenal!

  6. That looks like an awesomely fun event! I love your $5 hat.


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