Thursday, February 7, 2013

Floweruary 1st-6th

I'm participating in Floweruary this year, the daily challenge to wear and post a photo of a flower. I've taken a little liberty with the challenge and expanded it to a few different types of vegetation. ;) I was going strong with the challenge until today, but I plan on getting back on the wagon tomorrow!

Clockwise from Top Left: 
Floweruary 1st — at Rusty's Rhythm Club
Floweruary 2nd - Breakfast at the Beach. Cherries started as flowers, so I'm calling it good.
Floweruary 3rd - At the Car Wash
Floweruary 4th - Monday was a repeat of Saturday, but with less enthusiasm.
Floweruary 5th - little hair requires a little barrette.
Floweruary 6th - palm tree and a fresh hair cut. 
These pins live in that empty spot behind me most of the time.


  1. What a delightfully lovely challenge! I wish I would have gotten wind of this challenge earlier on, I would have loved to take part in it, too. Hopefully my flower filled outfit that I posted early this week (floral print dress, hair floral, orchid brooch) counts a little bit in its own way. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I bet you would have been the cutest one at the Floweruary party, too!!

  2. Beth I didn't know you had a blog! (this is Sarah btw, I used to dance with your husband back in the day and I always adored all your vintage outfits) Fun! I'm totally subscribing =) I love monthly things to participate in. This flower one is a cute one =)



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