Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Floweruary the Last

I knew this already, but I'm REALLY bad at daily challenges. :) I kept up Floweruary until the middle of this month, but I realized I'm not a very flowery girl, and I felt weird taking photos of repeats. Oops! So here's the final installment - maybe I'll stock up on flowers before next February (but probably not).

Clockwise from Top Left:

Floweruary 8th - tiny flowers on a hat pin. And sushi.

Floweruary 9th - listening to a book while Chris is at work. Then off for some dancing!

Floweruary 13th

Floweruary 16th - Air Raid!

Floweruary 14th - Valentine Candy and a fake Ivory rose ring

Floweruary 11th - Yellow Fakelite Rose Earrings

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