Sunday, April 21, 2013

Swing Jam at the Rendezvous - 1938

I recently looked through some of my photo files, and found a cool photo I hadn't shown you!

This photo comes from the 1938 LOOK Magazine spread about the Rendezvous Ballroom (posted here), and it shows a dance jam. Roy Damron is the guy in the middle doing the splits, and a couple of his friends are in the crowd. And do you recognize the couple dancing in the upper right (white jacket, white dress)? That's none other than Hal & Betty Takier! Oh, what I'd give for a little video footage of this jam. :)

Photo from LOOK Magazine - August 30, 1938


  1. How fun! And dang, go Roy! I totally want to go to an event like this. Looks so great.

  2. What a wonderful picture. Great blog. I found you on yehoodi! Keep spreading the lindy love! If you have time, check out my blog, it's similar but different. Maybe we could do a link exchange?