Thursday, May 2, 2013

Haul of Shame - April NSB Roundup

I failed pretty miserably at my Clothing No-Spender Bender for April. You see, when I decided to do this, I forgot that I was planning to go to a friend's vintage sale. Or maybe I was really in denial about it, and didn't want to recognize my lack of self-control (sometimes it's easier to fail, right?)

But the good news is, I got some cute stuff! I'm not a fan of "haul posts", because looking at others people's shopping is kind of lame - and this is actually a confession, not a bragging post. Because even though I thought I was being careful in what I brought home, it's still overwhelming me. These clothes are hanging in my living room, where this rack has been taking up space for several weeks. Weeks! I need to do a few minor repairs and cleaning, and then find these items a permanent home. I finally have a deadline though - we're having people over on Saturday, so I need to get these things out of the living room by then.

Haul of Shame
40s purse
50s plaid suit
50s suit jacket
40s acorn sweater (actually, no shame on this one. I LOVE it.)
60s floral dress
40s white embroidered dress
2 fur stoles
1 fur muff

On the bright side, I didn't buy any other new clothes, and I didn't even browse online or in stores. I weeded out my closet a little but still need to drop things off at the thrift store. And I lost a pair of shoes at a dance event, so I'm one pair down (good shoes that I wore all the time, but I'm not going to replace them right away). Oops!

Two more months to go! And I don't even mind - and I'm pretty sure I'll do better next month. :)


  1. Acorn sweater!!! No one could possibly fault you for that in particular. ;)

  2. An ACORN sweater?!?! Okay, yeah, that one had to come home with you. Like, it really HAD to.