Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dancing at Carnation Plaza - Disneyland

Last Saturday we went to Disneyland - this was a bittersweet event because it was the last night of swing dancing at Carnation Plaza. They've had live music and swing dancing there since the late 50's, with top name acts performing like Louis Armstrong, Gene Krupa, Count Basie and Harry James. Oh, yes, and yours truly - I played at Carnation with my high school band. :)

I never really danced at Disneyland - until we moved recently it was just a little too far away to make buying a pass worthwhile - but Chris started dancing there in the late 90's. It was the first place he saw swing dancing in person, and he started taking lessons because dancing at Disneyland looked like fun. How cool is that?! My first swing dance was in a church basement, and his was at DISNEYLAND!

The regular Disney dancers held an "Aloha" party for Carnation 
on the final night, hence the lei.

With good friends Jacob and Emily (and her Minnie Mouse bow!)

Photo by Richard Takenaga

Chris's "Tie my shoe" move. He didn't trip, i swear! ;)
Photo by Teresa Wyman

Photo by Teresa Wyman

And, while we were there I took advantage of having my hair done and 
had my silhouette cut on Main Street.
Passersby got a kick out of watching the silhouette artist work.
Luckily, it only took about a minute. :)

The final product. She made my nose WAY cuter than real life, and I'm okay with that!

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