Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A "1938" Coat - HSF #2 (UFO)

Here's my first entry for the Historical Sew Fortnightly! It's a couple days late and there's no fancy photoshoot because I've got a cold right now. Looking at the challenges, I think I'm going participate in about half of them and turn it into an Historical Sew Monthly - that pace will work better for me and the projects I want to complete.

Nearly 2 years ago I bought a vintage coat with a ripped and shattering lining. I HATE repairs and alterations, so it's a sign of how much I love this coat that I was willing to work on it - except that I stopped right before it was done! The project stalled out in Fall 2011, with basically only the buttons and hems to go.

Originally I estimated this coat to be from 1939/40 and I was going to fudge it into this challenge (supposed to be 1938 or earlier), but then I came across this page of overcoats from the Sears 1938 catalog - the navy one has the same details as mine (wide lapels, princess seams, sleeve cap darts), so I definitely think my coat could be from 1938!

The old lining was shredding, so I carefully removed it and traced it off to make a new pattern. I referenced Easy Guide to Sewing Linings for this bit, and even though the process is fairly self-explanatory, the book had some good tips that made the project easier. I also handmade new shoulder pads and had it cleaned and pressed before inserting the new lining.

Outside View - the part I didn't make. :)

Inside View - the part I made!

The Challenge: #2 UFO (UnFinished Object)

Fabric: Burgundy Rayon Satin for the replacement lining

Pattern: Traced off the original coat lining

Year: 1938-ish ;)

Notions: Handmade shoulder pads, replacement buttons, hem tape, thread

How Historically Accurate: Nearly 100%! It helps that I could use a machine and had the original to copy. The only thing that would have been more accurate would be rayon hem tape instead of polyester.

Hours to Complete: Maybe 60 total, about 8 hours for this challenge. I'm super slow!

First Planned Wearing: Saturday February 26, 2013 to the Great LA Air Raid

Total Cost: About $30, not including the purchase of the coat

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marina Breakfast Date

We've been having a-MAZ-ing weather in SoCal this week, so in order to take advantage of it we went on a breakfast date to a restaurant at the local marina. This is the lamest "date" post ever, since there aren't any photos of Chris, but you'll just have to believe me that he's on the other side of the camera - not a random person on the street!

I finally got a photo of my finished Beignet Skirt - it's a nice basic piece in lightweight denim (no lining). My only complaint is that it rides up a little, even though it's high-waisted. I'm honestly a little stumped on how to fix that for future versions. Slim down the waist more? Use a lighter fabric? hmm...

The weather's slated to cool down and get rainy this weekend, so I'm glad we took advantage of our pre-Spring weather while it's here!

**cheesy text via the Flickr app, which would be a pretty killer photo editing app 
if they added a few more text fonts.

Kisses! B

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sewing Room

Last weekend I deep cleaned my sewing room, and wanted to snap a few photos since it won't stay like this for long! I try to only keep my current projects out, and I only have a little room for storage in this room. Most of my books and vintage patterns are in the living room, and my main fabric stash is in plastic bins in the garage. Grandma's sewing machine is in the living room too, along with my folding cutting table. Sheesh, that sounds like a LOT when I list it out.

My sewing table is an Ikea Expedit bookcase and desk, and I LOVE it. My overlock fits perfectly in one of the lower cubbies. These windows get beautiful morning light, but unfortunately I don't usually get to enjoy it. And have I introduced my dress form? Her name is Beatrice.

Charlie Cat says, "Don't forget to show them your hem gauge and pressing supplies!"
The ironing board stays out all the time, so those tools get stashed underneath. 
Sleeve boards and tailors hams can be pricey, make sure to use a Jo-Ann's coupon to buy them.

A few reference books are close at hand, but my vintage pattern and sewing books 
live in a bookcase with glass doors to keep the dust out.

This elfa storage unit was way overpriced, but it's perfect for my needs. Interfacing in the top drawer, then cone thread, and 2 drawers of fabric that I plan to use soon.

Now it's time to get to work and mess this place up!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year! This New Year's post is a little late because our cable/internet box partied a little hard and went out for a few days. We're back safe and sounds from North Carolina, and went straight back to work on January 2nd. I'm already struggling with my New Year's Resolution (getting at least 6 1/2 hours sleep every worknight), I deep cleaned my sewing room last weekend, and when my DVR can catch a repeat of the first episode of Downton Abby I'll be engrossed in that. So far this year is on track!

Other plans for the new year include a couple more dance trips and I'm going to join in on the Historical Sew Fortnightly, starting with Challenge #2 at the end of January - all challenges should be pre-1938, so this is a good chance to bulk up on the early 1930's wardrobe I've been dreaming of. And I might give into some Regency daywear that has been calling to me too! I'm usually a sewing monogamist (mostly because I'm too lazy to change the thread color on my machine frequently) but these challenges might be a good time to try multitasking my projects. I multitask everything else, why not sewing?

Gotta sign off now, it's time for bed!
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