Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marina Breakfast Date

We've been having a-MAZ-ing weather in SoCal this week, so in order to take advantage of it we went on a breakfast date to a restaurant at the local marina. This is the lamest "date" post ever, since there aren't any photos of Chris, but you'll just have to believe me that he's on the other side of the camera - not a random person on the street!

I finally got a photo of my finished Beignet Skirt - it's a nice basic piece in lightweight denim (no lining). My only complaint is that it rides up a little, even though it's high-waisted. I'm honestly a little stumped on how to fix that for future versions. Slim down the waist more? Use a lighter fabric? hmm...

The weather's slated to cool down and get rainy this weekend, so I'm glad we took advantage of our pre-Spring weather while it's here!

**cheesy text via the Flickr app, which would be a pretty killer photo editing app 
if they added a few more text fonts.

Kisses! B


  1. Top to toe, I love this look....very classy yet comfy looking!

  2. I love those shoes! It's so hard to find nice flats. And yes, the weather has been incredible :)

  3. Such a lovely, elegant warm weather ensemble. I adore the pattern on the collar of your sweater.

    ♥ Jessica


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