Thursday, February 17, 2011

V is for Valentine's Day!

I know you'll forgive me for this belated post, as we just moved and I'm lucky if I can find my toothbrush! But I wanted to share our Valentine's gifts with you! I'm still excited about them.

I gave Chris a vintage tie - his favorite movie star is Fred Astaire, and a while ago a friend showed a picture of this tie to me because it's just too perfect for him! I randomly searched on Ebay last month and the same tie popped up! It was a promotional tie for Philco Radios, probably given out to top sellers as an incentive gift, so there are probably a few more floating around out there.

Chris gave me a wonderful little piece of sweetheart jewelry, my favorite! This one is two gold hearts, attached to an expandable gold band. The best part is that the center of the hearts are still blank, so I can have our names engraved on it. I think I'll wear it to the Air Raid this Saturday!
And I love that Chris has his own Etsy account so that he can surprise me with the cute things I want! :)


  1. wow! What a cool tie! That really is something and perfect for Chris' inner Fred Astaire.
    Lovely bracelet, too! Can't wait to see :)

  2. Love both the tie and the bracelet! What fantastic gifts! Have fun this weekend!


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