Thursday, October 13, 2011

Duchie Award

I won another blog award! Lauren over at Wearing History passed along the Duchie Award for Excellence in Historical Costuming and Bloggery. It's a huge honor to be included in this group! This is a dual award for V is for Vintage and my other blog, Fashioning Beau Brummell.

“When you receive a Duchie Award, post on your blog (in any order):
  • Five things you love about historical costuming/wearing vintage clothing
  • Three (or more) blogs to pass the Duchie Award onto
  • A link back to the blog who awarded you the Duchie”
Five Things I Love About Historical Costuming/Wearing Vintage Clothing
1) Social history is one of my lifelong passions, and I love looking at history through the eyes of fashion. Like how those of us in this hobby usually distinguish between Historical Clothing as pre-WWI and Vintage as post-WWI, as there was such a huge shift in societal roles and behaviors as we hurtled into the modern world.
It requires something like a World War to take us from this:

c. 1912
to this:
in fewer than 15 years.

2) Day-to-day, I'm a pretty boring/conservative dresser, but I love hunting out, creating and wearing clothes for special events. I'm usually more self-conscious about trying out modern trends than dressing completely vintage from head-to-toe! Playing with vintage and historical fashions is where I really express myself fashion-wise.

3) I love going to period events where the setting is just right and everyone involved makes an effort. I'm not a stickler for perfect accuracy, but I prefer events that revolve around a common theme/period, and when everyone gets involved. Luckily, I live in an area with a vibrant community of reenactors and vintage lovers!

4) Patternmaking and fitting are fascinating. I'd rather work on a pattern than sit at the sewing machine. I guess that's why most of my projects average 2-3 mockups (and take so darned long to finish!).

5) Not least, I love all the costume blogs I read! It's so inspiring to see what everyone is working on, and I learn a lot from the fabulous blogs in my reader. And the community is so supportive - I think most people in this hobby push themselves to do great work, but aren't competitive with other people.

**I didn't list shopping, but that's obviously a favorite part of the hobby, right? ;)

Now I get to pass on the award! Since last time I picked vintage-focused blogs, this time I want to share some of my favorite historical costume blogs:

1) Romantic History - Sarah's might be the first historical sewing blog I discovered, and it's still one of my favorites. She works in a huge range of eras (Civil War, Regency, Medieval, 20th C. etc...) and does them all well! She does a great job of showing her process of creating costumes, which is helpful to me when I'm trying something similar. Plus her whole family goes to reenacting events (and she makes clothes for everyone!!), and her sons are just the Cutest. Ever.

2) Lady of Portland House - When I started doing research for Chris's Regency ensemble, this is blog I kept checking for references. Lauren does exquiste and amazingly authentic reproductions primarily from the late 18th Century. Though I love her occasion forays into the 1940's! If I lived nearby, I'd definitely invite myself over for a candlelight dinner - her cookery skills look amazing, too.

3) Isis' Wardrobe - I'm not playing favorites, I swear - Isis just has fabulous blogs! I awarded her other blog, Fashionable Forties, previously, but Isis' Wardrobe is at least as good, and has even poufier skirts!

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