Sunday, February 5, 2012

DPP 2012 Costume Contest Entry

I just sent in my entry for the 2012 Your Wardrobe Unlock'd and Foundations Revealed Double Period Project Competition. This year's periods were 1812 & 1912, and since I created a new ensemble for the Jane Austen Evening I decided to enter it. I didn't get quite enough photos of the gown at the event, and I didn't have any good photos of my stays, so last weekend Chris & I went out and snapped a few more. I *really* wish that we could have gone to the Huntington Library & Gardens in Pasadena for the photoshoot because the buildings and gardens are just perfect, but we didn't have time so we explored a regional park close to home.

Here are the photos I submitted to the contest plus a couple extras, enjoy!


  1. Your work is really amazing. Fingers crossed!

  2. This is so amazing dress, great work! by the way I adore your blog, so fascinating :)

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  3. Thank you all for the kind words! (and sorry that I'm just catching up with this now!)

  4. Oh, good luck! It's a fabulous dress and I'm so tickled that you photographed the stays in a public park.

    1. umm, yeah, I didn't realize until we got home, but some of the photo were backlit pretty strongly and I think I gave a bit of a show! Had on enough undies, but it must have been an interesting view for the fishermen. The lighting was just so much better there than I can get at home, so I didn't want to pass up my chance!


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