Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jitterbug Jewelry

I was messing around with searching LIFE Magazine via Google the other night and found these photos and little letter about "Jitterbug Jewelry" - rhinestone encrusted brooches of dancing instruments. I would die if I found a set of these! Just too too cute.

And a note about the highlighting below - when searching for vintage info about swing dancing, I find that "jitterbug" is the best search term. The music was "swing", the dances were individually known as "Lindy Hop" "Balboa" and "Shag" but collectively called "jitterbug", and a dancer was always just a "jitterbug". Not sure when terms like "swing dancing" and "lindy hopper" started being used, but I'm guessing around the 70's & 80's - so those terms commonly used today aren't very useful for searching older references.

Jitterbug Jewelry, as featured in LIFE magazine, May 16, 1938


  1. I believe I saw a colored print advert for these in PA- maybe at York Swing? They looked adorable!

  2. Supercute! Those little limbs… aaaw.


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