Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shopping Bonanza!

There are some great vintage/vintage inspired shopping events the next couple weeks round these parts. I'm trying to decide if I can afford to attend them all... (Probably not!)

Loco Lindo Pre-Season Warehouse Sale
LA's new favorite vintage repro company is having one of their fab warehouse sales!
All fabrics are machine-washable, which is perfect for "active" dancers.

"Vintage" Dress in new shorter length!

$5.00  $10.00  $15.00  $20.00 racks
Nothing over $40.00 (retails of $24 to $140)
FRIDAY, Jan 28th   10am to 5pm
SATURDAY, Jan 29th   10am to 4pm
1651 South Central Ave, Glendale, CA  91204         818-956-1415

Vintage Clothing & Textile Show
The Pickwick Gardens
1001 Riverside Drive
Burbank, California
SUNDAY January 30th, 2011
Regular Admission $7.00
Early Buying at 8am - $20.00
Free & Easy Parking

Santa Monica Vintage Fashion Expo
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
Feb 5 - 6, 2011
Regular Admission $10.00.
Sat Early Buy Admission $20.00

Remix just posted some new styles, and added some sale pricing for a few items.
If you live nearby, it's best to shop in the store, but of course anyone can shop online too!


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