Sunday, January 2, 2011

...- is for Victory!

During WWII, the "V" was adopted by the allies as a patriotic symbol (Victory!), and was plastered on jewelry, clothing, dishware, and all sorts of homefront items so that people could show support.

One of my favorite Victory tidbits is how the Morse code for "V" was frequently used as a design feature on these items. Dot-dot-dot-dashes are all over once you start looking for them! It's almost like a secret code or sumpthin...

Here's a couple pins from my WWII Sweetheart Jewelry collection that feature the ...- V 

Brass Victory Pin with Jeweled Inlays

Victory Lapel Pin


  1. Fun! Nice pins. :) I have a couple. I wear one every Pearl Harbor day. (cheesy I know! ;))

  2. I'm surprised how often these pop up, they must have been very popular during the war. I like your idea of wearing it on Pearl Harbor day, I might start doing the same. :)

  3. I love the Brass V with Morse code: lovely!

  4. I adore the victory jewelry so much, and your Morse code one is fabulous!


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