Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Huntington Library and Gardens

This Memorial Day weekend we invited Lauren and her husband to come up and go to the Huntington Library with us. I swear, this place is the best kept secret in Los Angeles - if you have any interest in art, history, or gardens, it's not to be missed. We were blessed with beautiful weather - only a slight bit of wind, but with a firm grip I managed to keep my hat on!

The site was originally the private home of Henry Huntington, a major businessman of the early 20th century, so there are buildings interspersed in between the gardens instead of one giant art complex. The Huntington's 1911 Beaux Arts mansion is now the main art gallery, and it's lovely wandering from building to building through the gardens. We were there for about 4 hours and probably only got through half of galleries and gardens - and we were hurrying!

There were loads of people who were interested in how we were dressed, and we were surprised at how many people knew we were wearing 30s/40s styles. Not a single flapper or 50's comment! (Although we did overhear one "Night at the Museum" reference in the art gallery, which I thought was pretty funny.)

Sitting on the bridge in the Shakespeare Garden

Lauren is working hard to avoid my hat! It kept banging into anyone who came near, but it was great for keeping the sun away!

Sitting in front of the Judy Garland roses.

Chris and me in the Rose Garden.

Walking from the Rose Garden to the Mansion/Art Gallery.

Sitting on the back railing of the mansion. 

The boys relaxing on the porch. Any minute now, a mummy is going to rise from the tomb behind them.

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  1. Great photos...you guys look amazing! The Huntington is a treasure...I can't help but love the Japanese Garden/Tea Room the best.

  2. The photos are beautiful and all of you look impeccable! I hope there is some place that beautiful here to roam around in. Glad you all had fun! PS... You hat! Is LOVE!

  3. Glorious!!!!! What a wonderful way to spend a day with vintage-loving friends. That is just an exquisite place. I may have to try to work that into my West Coast visit!!!

  4. This was such a blast!! Thank you so much for having us to visit, and it was so much fun every second. I agree, best kept secret. It's like visiting Europe in an afternoon :)

  5. The Japanese Garden is my favorite, too! It's closed due to renovations until next year.

    I'm thinking another trip should happen soon, this time in Western gear for the Cactus garden. ;)

  6. I'm all over that :D
    ps- my confirmation word is nogin. lol.

  7. I LOVE your hat! And you all look great!

  8. my husband and I just visited the huntington for the first time ever and we've lived here in so cal our entire lives! I just adore your attire!!!!! Perfect for walking the expansive gardens. I probably would have taken a pic of you all! :)


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