Monday, May 30, 2011

Make & Mend Month

I've signed up to participate in The New Vintage Lady's Make & Mend month. It runs from June 1 - July 11, and the goals are to make new projects using our existing stash, and mend garments that need some TLC. I've got a pile of mending that I never get to, and of course I've got supplies up the wazoo that need to be used. Excited to have a deadline for finishing the unfinished! You know you want to join, too. ;)

I'm heading out in a little bit to look at a dressform I saw on Craiglist. I've been sewing for 18 years, and never had one at home before. (I'm getting old...) She's a Uniquely You squishable form, so I'm hoping I can make her my size and shape, and be able to put my new corsets on her for fitting historical garments. I'm already thinking up names for the new addition to the family.

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