Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Do the LOOK Hop

Rita Rio is back! This time she teaches you to dance the LOOK Hop. 
I dare you to try this at the next dance you go to!

Band Leader Rita Rio Introduces the LOOK Hop - Try It
From Look Magazine, September 27, 1938

They Face, one arm overhead, one arm out, forming "L". For 8 counts continue basic step: Jump with toes in, knees together, slightly bent; jump on toes, feet apart, knees straight.

Continuing basic step, girl turns back to partner as feet are apart, and both form an "O" with arms, the man's to the right, the girl's to the left.

As Toes are turned in on basic step, man drops arm in circle over partner's head. Girl's arms form "O" in front. Continue, reversing arms from side to side 8 times.

Girl Continues with back to boy, both standing on right foot, left leg extended to side, knee straight, right arm over head, left arm extended diagonally from shoulder to form "K". Hop on right foot in circle for 8 counts.


  1. Wow- that dress is awesome. What a hoot of a marketing campaign that is!

  2. I want a video demonstration by you and Chris!

  3. Ha! How fun! David and I will have to try this!!

  4. Hi Everyone, The guy dancing is my dad! Bill Furrow. He was the best, funniest, most awesome father that I could have ever hoped for. Thanks dad for being you!


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