Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Costume College 2012

Costume College! This post is extremely picture heavy, but I know you don't want it any other way.
For more photo goodness, visit my Flickr page. (still working on learning Lightroom, but I'm getting slightly faster!)

This is my second year attending Costume College, and I had a blast. Last year I mostly took limited classes (hands on workshops) but this year I attended more lectures. The number one thing I'm excited about now? Hat blocking! I'm on the hunt for a 21 1/2" basic block so that I can make fabulous cloches.

This year's track theme was "Golden Age of Hollywood", but a lot of my vintage and repros just feel like everyday clothes to me, so I opted to rewear some of my projects from the past year instead.

Thursday night they had a Carmen Miranda meet-and-greet cocktail party, and low and behold, in the garage I had a pretty awesome Halloween costume I made a few years back. (You might recognize the top from my Maharaja costume.) This was definitely my shiniest costume for the weekend, even if I did forget my maracas! I built the turban/headpiece over a knit ski hat, which keeps it secure on my head.

Tutti-Frutti with Lauren (Wearing History)

Ginger in a killer 30's chenille bathing cape (Scene in the Past)

Friday night was the ice-cream social - the theme was Medieval, which our group all flagrantly disregarded.
Lauren in her a-maz-ing plaid bustle dress

Ginger, in Regency

Stephanie and I both wore Edwardian and Castle bobs

Rachel, looking like a Vogue cover in her perfectly coordinated ensemble. 
Everyone tried to steal her hat!

Saturday night is the Gala, where you wear your most spectacular outfit, and walk down the "red carpet" - there are quite a few onlookers who come out to see the show! Too many great costumes to even remember - I only captured a few!

My favorite photo of the weekend - love the deep colors of all the outfits! In case you're wondering, my husband and Lauren's husband are hamming it up on the other side of the camera, cracking us up.

Another Blogger photo! This time adding "American Duchess" Lauren into the mix. :)

The Nevada ladies all wore their state colors - they were so impressive!

All I can say is - Lauren's lucky we're different sizes. But the cape is ripe for stealing!

Which her husband promptly did!

Icing on the cake - Ginger's recreation of Olivia de Havilland's costume from Robin Hood (1938).

Ginger's entourage arranging the publicity photo.


  1. Aw, thanks! You looked absolutely stunning. I can't wait for CoCo next year - we need to hang out more!

    1. I hope we can hang out more next year - you and your mom were just too sweet, so glad we finally got to meet in person!

  2. my goodness, all the fabulousness leaves me speechless, such talents out there!

  3. Wow! What a glorious selection of gowns. Everyone looks beautiful!

  4. I'm so envious! We have nothing like it in Sweden, probably not even Europe!


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