Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LA Air Raid of 1942

It seems like a long time ago since the Air Raid happened (really, 1942 was a long time ago!), but I've been hanging onto my measly few pics to share.

Because it's always cold at this event, I asked my mom to knit this Victory scarf for me - isn't it great?

It looks like a simple pattern, but I haven't knitted anything in about 7 years and I didn't feel up to relearning at the moment. (I never did learn how to cast on and off properly!) I asked her to make it a little skinnier than the pattern states, and I think she just used smaller needles instead of redesigning the pattern. That also made the tension tighter, so the V popped a little more. Smart lady!

Muddy shoes! But they kept my feet warm, and now I can try dyeing them like the website suggests. Perhaps mudbrown, so they'll be ready for next year...

I don't have any pictures after the dancing started, cause I was on the floor the whole time! But here's a few links with more pics if you haven't had enough.
The Sky is Falling!
WWII Factory Coveralls
Air Raid Outfit Post
Inspiring Outfits
Gar Travis Photography


  1. brilliant scarf! Love your pin and shoes, too (hopefully you can get the mud off w/out redying, as they're lovely!!)

  2. I particularly love the airplane pin and the V for Victory scarf! I encourage you to re-learn to knit! :)

  3. I have the same heels(love them) and I've heard that magic eraser works on them- haven't tried it but they're my back up pair for my wedding and I need to get around to getting the scuffs off.

  4. Thanks everyone! Tasha - I do want to learn knitting again, maybe soon. I've been watching your Briar Rose knit-along very jealously! ;)

    (and I might try to clean the stains off the shoes, but I kinda wanted an excuse to dye them!)


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