Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pattern Review: 30's Trousers from Wearing History

Over the last couple of weeks things have finally started calming down and I've managed to squeeze in some personal sewing time. I've known for months what my next project was going to be - I've been desperate to try Wearing History's pattern for mid-30's trousers - how cute is this?!

Smooth Sailing by Wearing History

I'm a tad bit obsessive about fit (I've been known to sew while in my skivvies so that I can try on the garment every 30 seconds) so I figured my first pair would just be a mockup and I'd have to tweak the pattern for the real one. This was one time I was GLAD to be wrong! ;) Lauren did such a great job updating the original pattern that I only needed minor tweaks. 30's & 40's trousers are notorious for low crotches and shapeless legs, but she's done a great job of adjusting this pattern in all the right ways.

In addition, this pattern has all new instructions - a vast improvement over vintage sewing instructions! No need to fear if you're still learning how to sew.

The only change I made to these was shortening the front & back rise 1" (I'm shortwaisted and the waistband was creeping up my ribcage). Seriously. The ONLY change. Awesome. Look how cute!

(I think Chris is making shadow puppets on me in the Back view)

I found some bluish-gray checked fabric on sale at Jo-anns - it's a poly-rayon blend, so it's machine washable but still drapes nicely. I think next time I'll do a lightweight denim or chambray - I want to be just like the pattern cover!

A few notes:
The waistband is snug, so if you're in between sizes, go up.
The hips and thighs are cut full, so if you're larger on the bottom, no worries. If you've got slim thighs, I hate you you might want to cut a smaller size through the leg.
I skipped the belt loop template and just stitched them on where they looked nice.
I hemmed them slightly shorter than the pattern because I hate getting caught up in cuffs.


  1. All of Lauren's patterns are fabulous! I am glad to see these slacks made up. How ever my favourite part of this post was the strike out because I feel the same way! Hahaha

  2. You look fabulous! :D It's amazing how flattering these trousers really are. I can't wait for my pattern to arrive so I can make a pair, too!

  3. FABULOUS trousers! I adore the whole look with the blue blouse! Great job....I love Lauren's patterns and glad she made this a repro pattern!

  4. Great trousers! They look wonderful!

  5. Those look fantastic!!

    I am still working up the nerve to buy the pattern, I just don't think I'm ready for trousers yet. But good to know about the waistband, I fall at the biggest size of the Size A pattern so I've been going back and forth which size to get.

  6. Tasha - the hardest part of making pants is not the sewing, but the fit, and these fit so well I think you could try. The sewing is way easier than a blouse with sleeves, plackets, collar, etc. - it's only a little harder than a skirt.

    If you think the smaller pattern would fit in the hip and thigh, it would be easy to add a littel to the waist and extend the waistband a little. I haven't made the blouse so I don't know about the sizing on that, though.

  7. Thanks for the review, Beth!! Yay!! Yours look so wonderful! I totally want to make a pair in checks now.
    The blouse runs a small in the arms- like at the bottom of the arms and the cuff, so I've been told. But make up a muslin first and test it to see :)

  8. Looks great! I'm very tempted in sewing these and I haven't worn trousers in 18 years.


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